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Giovanni Spatino 


In 2006 Giovanni relocated to Perth and sought the opportunity to expand the Trend Lighting brand as a West Australian based distributor. His proposal was gladly accepted and CORSA Lighting was established. Giovanni works closely with Architects, Designers, Electricians, Engineers and Shopfitters to ensure the best possible lighting solution for his clients. It's very rare that a client is unable to be assisted with their needs and he will often custom build fittings to ensure the highest level of service is always achieved. He is always open to resolving new lighting challenges and has often been called upon from lighting designers for his expert advise. He understands the absolute importance of having a high quality, faultless product with the level of service to match.


"Ultimately we pride ourselves on providing unique lighting solutions for our client, but also embrace the fact that all of our products are sustainable and energy efficient. Thus, every project we work on we are helping our clients reduce their carbon footprint on the makes cents! (sense)" - G.Spatino


Giovanni, originally from Sydney, began his career with an electrical sister company to Trend Lighting back in 1994. He served out his apprenticeship with dedication and an integrity which awarded him the title of Project Manager soon after. As a Project Manager one of Giovanni's first contracts was with Optus Australia, a company he still holds a strong working relationship with today. Whilst working on the Optus contract Giovanni got the opportunity to expand his knowledge of lighting solutions and strategies. It's where he began to broaden his scope on the way lights were built, the effects different technology produced and ultimately the look and feel clients wanted.

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